Thursday, September 27, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes.

I'm a shoddy blogger. I'm sorry. Thank you to everyone that suffers through it, whomever you are.

I do have something fun to share today. Today was my last day with my first through fourth period kids. I had them all fill out a quick evaluation of my teaching skills. The results were varied, at times touching, and sometimes downright insulting. I had lots of good laughs to overpower my confusion or hurt, though. And although anonymous, I can figure out almost exactly who wrote what. Very fun.

The evaluation I put up on the overhead was as follows:

1. How do you think I managed the class on days when I was in charge? Was I too strict or not strict enough? What can I do to improve in this area?
2. What do you think of my teaching style? Was I interesting, boring, or somewhere in between? What can I do to improve in this area?
3. What do you wish I had done to make class more fun?
4. Please tell me what else I can do to be the best teacher possible!

Here's what they wrote. And I mean, EXACTLY what they wrote.

Period #1: ESOL

A. I think u managed the class good!
you were kool i guess every teacher has
to be kinda of strict But you werent that
like i think you should work on like having more
conversation with us and getting to know us
your teacher style was good i learned some/
thing new everyday
We just should of gotten to get the chance
to know each other.
Other then that u' were a chill & cool
teacher!! u were off
da BOMb
ama miss

B. you did good could of been better
you need to have fun wit it but
dont loose control...

C. Perfectly Stict Don't need to work on
you were interesting
I Don't Know
nothinG *derrogatory racial comment scratched out by author, although why you'd belittle your own race is beyond me*
*a booger appears here*

D. You weren't really strict
but you teached us really well.
You would be really interesting
on your teaching.
You could of done more
I really think that you
are a great teather.
Think you for helping me
when I need help.
I'm really going to miss
You Good Luck!

E. Dear Hilary
I'am give you a 10 because you
did a great Job There nothing To
change you are going
To be a great Teacher and hope
you will come back again it was
Fun having you here.

F. You were perfectly managed the class, not to
strict and and not too little.
Some where in between.
Write down what your teaching.
Made it easyer.
Make something more easy.

G. How do you think I managed the class
on days when I was in charge? you were
a. you were not strict
b. nothing your great how you are
Your teaching style is perfect.
a. You are interesting
b. nothing your perfect the way you are
nothing because class is no fun
nothing, I don't know

H. I think you were strict enough
because I guess to be a good teacher
you can't be too soft or too hard
I think you were really good, just
pay attention when someone is behind
so every student can be on track
I think you were really helpful
I think you are an interesting
teacher but also you can be like
an understanding teacher,

Period #2: Containment

A. You were great

B. I think you did good
We didn't reallly get to
see your style you werent
here to long
hands on
come back

C. your were not stick
you were interesting
bring more Kandy!

D. 100%
great Awsome
Perfect Just keep
goin the way you are.

E. You were strict But not to strict
You are in Betwen
Been her longer
Stay the same.

F. you did pretty good when
you were in charge

G. good, you werent too strict.
you rock!!!
Lots of candies
Just be yourself.

H. I really liked it becdause I'm
tired of being bossed around
and you asked kindly and people
respect that. I don't think
you need to work on anything.
I think your just average nothing
too special.
maybe we could have done more
hands on things.
Have fun and be strict when you
need to be.

I. you are a Decent
teacher you Just Need
more experance.
I Dont Know
what your teaching style is
Pepole fear what they
Dont understand
so lern about your
students so you understand

Period #4: Freshman English

A. I thought You were fine
in between
Play dodge ball on fridays
I thought you were fine

B. really Good. Not really Stricked
Good-and I loved the teaching
Play games or do Jokes
make the assignments
a little fun.

C. Good
Awsome, interesting
*The phrase "Give more candy" is scratched out here because I gave each of my fourth period kids 3 Oreos for being so good while my professor evaluated me yesterday.*
tell jokes.
Thats all

D. I thought you where
just fine
somewhere in Between
Let us Play more games
I think you where fine

E. You weren't strict you were nice
when you ask for our attention
we gave it to you & thats good
Your normal you always give examples
& say things that have happend to you
You did good you just need to speak louder
Nothing just make things more
fun!! and you'll do great

F. You were really nice &
controlled the class really well
it was a Lil boring but most
of the time pretty fun
i don't know.
Your nice! :)

G. no not strict at all but can work on
being striced
You are cool and can talk to
and you R Polite
Let us Play dogeball
to us you are the best
(if you're nice)
we'll miss you!!!!

H. you were fun.
just right

I. I thought you were a good teacher.
I liked your teaching style. It was
really cool.
Like if we have quizes after we
learn, you could give candy
for the people who get the
right awnser.
you could be a little more

J. I think you was great. Because
you wern't to nice or 2 strict.
You somewhere in between.
But I understand you.
Have music.
You can get more intersting
facs about what we are

K. I think you did very well.
To be just right?.. umm i don't
think you should change a thing
sometimes you were boring... but
then again i think it was the
i think you should show your
personality more.
You'll be great.

L. Good I really liked it. No it was
Perfect Not too strict
& Well yeah you were a really
good teacher You are Interesting.
You teach Really good.
Nothing. It's just right.
You did a Good Job Hilary!
We'll Miss You! :)

M. You were pretty cool and chill so I
liked that
we should have
You were a good teacher
and stay way chill! for
real chill teachers are dope

Oh these kids... Even the booger paper will be cherished. I cried in fourth period today. I'm so sad to leave my kids.

I'm exhausted, but hopefully I'll get more about today down... some other time.

The moral of the story: chill teachers are dope dude!


Ben said...

Ah, I'm glad you posted these -- I was wondering what kinds of things the kids would wrote. That last one is hilarious. :)

Failon said...

Clearly need more dodgeball. ;)

Gilari said...

I'm so proud of you, babe. love, Momma