Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh Youth...

I've never been to beauty or hair school in any way, shape, or form, but being the oldest in a family of five girls, I've done my share of hair-dos. A few weeks ago, Tamara went to Prom. I curled her hair, and it took about two hours. Now, she doesn't have much hair, it's just a little longer than mine, but I'm special so I take forever. But... I'm pretty darn proud of it. (Photos courtesy of Trish... and my camera.)

There's a little corner of my face, which is about all I'm willing to post of me in an unshowered, untanned, and undieted state. Mostly, I just wanted to showcase my cute sister with her pre-prom nerves shining through a bit.

Oh my gosh, this took forever. She owes me big.

We were taking too long, so mom started doing her makeup. She looks like a pampered little brat. The truth is finally out... Kidding, Tam, kidding!

So pretty! The thing I love about Tamara is that she doesn't worry too much about it. The Watkins way.

The final product:

Hahahahaha... Good thing prom's not awkward or anything...

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Jake said...


I think my favorite part of your mission call post is that you fail to note, in any way, where you are going to serve. So I watched the video.

Second: I think it's pretty fantastic that you're going to learn one of the ONLY languages Michael doesn't speak. Props.

Third, your post in celebration of the gringa moved me almost to tears, and I'm going to procure and devour one as fast as humanly possible.

Finally, I don't believe that you've never been to beauty school.