Saturday, May 15, 2010

I really like getting free stuff!

Yesterday, I got several things for free! Belated birthday prezzies!

First, I got an email from Goodreads that I had won the book First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria: How a Peace Corps Poster Boy Won My Heart & a Third-World Adventure Changed My Life by Eve Brown-Waite. Can't wait to get it in my mailbox... for free!!... in a few weeks. I heart Goodreads. Go there. Be my friend.

Then, Simini dropped the happiness bomb on me last night by giving me a free month's pass to Netflix. THANK YOU!!! I knew that I'd get DVDs in my mailbox but I didn't know there were movies online, ripe for the plucking. I'm watching Julie & Julia right now. So charming. I want to whip up chocolate mousse and incredible pans of butter-seared fish! Ah, to be a hip, powerful woman and a domestic goddess as well. That is my life's ambition.

I also discovered I think I have some tuna and some toothpaste coming in the mail. We'll see. Oh, the rapture of shiny packages of free stuff in the shadowy recesses of my mailbox!


Simini said...

You're welcome. yeah... All of the office seasons are online... and arrested development... and a bunch of other stuff. some really cool documentaries. It's a dangerous place.

And goodreads gives you free books? how did i miss this?!?

Hilary said...

For free books, go to Goodreads, then Find Books, and click on the tab that says "giveaways". Goodreads warns that sometimes their winners are random. And sometimes they're not (aka helped by fate, aka helped by someone handpicking winners based on their tastes and likeliness to post a review).

Free stuff, hoo hah!