Friday, September 17, 2010

For You, Lurlene

I had to read a Lurlene McDaniel book for my Adolescent Lit class. We've got to survey the good, the bad, and the ugly, people.

As restitution for my suffering, I'd just like to take a moment to openly mock Lurlene McDaniel.

Actually, it's the easiest thing I will do today. I will reproduce here, verbatim, her "You'll Want to Read These Other Inspiring Novels by Lurlene McDaniel" list. The mockery will then be perfectly self-inflicted.


One Last Wish novels
Mourning Song
A Time to Die
Mother, Help Me Live
Someone Dies, Someone Lives
Sixteen and Dying
Let Him Live
The Legacy: Making Wishes Come True
Please Don't Die
She Died Too Young
All the Days of Her Life
A Season for Goodbye
Reach for Tomorrow

The Dawn Rochelle novels
I Want to Live
So Much to Live For
No Time to Cry
To Live Again

Other fiction by Lurlene McDaniel
Angel's in Pink: Kathleen's Story
The Time Capsule
Garden of Angels
A Rose for Melinda
Telling Christina Goodbye
How Do I Love Thee: Three Stories
Angel of Mercy
Angel of Hope
Starry, Starry Night: Three Holiday Stories
The Girl Death Left Behind
Angels Watching Over Me
Lifted Up by Angels
Until Angels Close My Eyes
Till Death Do Us Part
For Better, for Worse, Forever
I'll Be Seeing You
Saving Jessica
Don't Die, My Love
Too Young to Die (didn't we already have this one???)
Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever
Somewhere Between Life and Death
Time to Let Go
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
When Happily Ever After Ends

and my all time favorite,

drum roll please...


Excerpts from Angels in Pink: Raina's Story forthcoming.

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Annie said... this makes me just...feel sympathetic. for someone, or someones? i don't know. just vaguely sad and sorry. maybe for the world at large?

it is also hilarious. and it also makes me want to go to barnes and noble and throw up on the "kaka" portion of the young adult lit section.