Monday, March 3, 2008

Studio 111

Oh the Cocherans! I love these people! They are funky artist friends of my family back home. They do a little of everything, and it is fun stuff, let me tell you. Their home is unreal, and walking through it an experience akin to passing through an incredible gallery of neo-groovy awesomeness. Nina made me a "Pat the Bunny" (well actually, "Pet the Puppy" but that's neither here nor there) retro notebook to console me for the removal of my wisdom teeth. Is that friendship or what?!?

Their greatest creations are their children, though. Their youngest daughter does karaoke like you wouldn't believe. So check out their site, give them some love, and appreciate the greatness.

Incidentally, here is a video their eldest son, my sister's greatest friend, put together. Of himself. Cleaning his room. Yes, I know it's cool.

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9a said...


You are so very nice. Collins directed me to your blog. It will be fun to keep up with all your fun adventures.
I hear they miss you around here.