Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I've made a few really good friends on this trip. Honestly, everyone here's a champ; even if I don't love the person, no one is unbearable. I count this a great fortune when something as volatile as 40 girls and 1 guy in a small living space happens. But in this group, there are a few standouts. One of them is Abigail.

Things at which Abbie is good: making children smile, creating beautiful dance moves, dismounting from the top bunk, laughing from the diaphragm, discussing King Lear in the few hours before papers are due, looking gorgeous without makeup, reading at night with her headlamp, rollerblading in spandex, running through Hyde Park, being a card shark, winning every game ever, singing all sorts of happy songs, and in other ways fulfilling the wind element.

I love you, Abbie.

PS - When you die, can I have your sweatskirt from REI? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

my sister really is awesome isn't she.

Abbie said...

Oh Hilary my soul smiles when you are close to me. I love you and always knew that i would, sorry for being a stalker. Im so glad we could seal our love with a kiss :)

kristen said...

i think i've spent the greater part of my life trying to beat that girl in any card game under the sun. it just can't be done. best of luck chap...isn't that what they say in England?

Hilary said...

It is indeed, although I've never been mistaken for a chap before.

And Abbie, I will never regret our token of affection. I'm only sorry so many people without any sense of confidentiality saw it.