Saturday, April 24, 2010

MonaLisa's Makes Me Smile.

Some stuff that's going on with me lately (aka, how I've been wasting my time):
Le baby quilt. Le finished. Ended up just binding it with its own backing. Luckily I still had an inch of fraying flannel backing left. Turned out cute.
Rolling yarn. OMG. So addicting. So great. Anyone have some skeins, or better yet, some tangled masses of yarn that I can sort out and roll? I'm thinking about experimenting with some different stitches with that multi-colored yarn. Doll scarves? Probably.

Okay, so on to the big news. Mom and I went to MonaLisa's Consignment in American Fork. Wow, I had way more fun than should be allowed. I need to take pictures of Mom's buys still, but look what I got:
Volume 2 of some obscure children's story book line. Published 1953. Don't think it has any real value. But it's funky. See?
A nice spread of fairy tales and children's classics.
That's one mean Rumpelstiltskin. Book was $6.99.

And then this awesomeness:
This is a hand-crocheted/tatted European lace pillow case. $9.99. Plans? Split open the pillow case and sew each square of lace onto some bold fabric, either a dark blue or brown or a mustard yellow. Sew that piece of fabric with the lace on it to a white backing, and stuff. Voila, two sweet pillows. Sort of this effect. And this. Oo, and this too. Okay, last one. We shall see.

So yep, that's it. School starts next week. Gotta pack in the slackerage while I still can...

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Murlene Brown Watkins said...

I can see, Hilary, that we have similar tastes! And we are not even blood relations! LOVE the quilt; LOVE the lace pillow case; and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the vintage story book! Must try this Mona Lisa's that you speak of.....

Have a great semester at school!