Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tedium, and what I'd rather be doing.

A little picture that reflects the chaos that is my brain:

My desk. My laptop, watching The Biggest Loser. My sewing machine, the alluring siren enticing me to quit working and sew sew sew. (Newest endeavor: Diaper clutch. We have some baby showers coming up. Shout-out to Rachel Watkins Allen, another extraordinary cousin, who inadvertently got me addicted to quilting/sewing blogs.) My cell phone. Some Mod Podge and tissue paper, a failed Easter egg project. Not so much failed as never-commenced. My religious library, with Ecuadorian jade bookends. Old photos and a jewelry box. My iPod. Two lamps, neither of which I use. Tedium, aka placing 1000 labels on 1000 CD envelopes, soon to be stuffed with 1000 CDs of music from and subsequently shipped to Tonga, where Annie (artsy sista) and her art major cronies shall distribute them this summer. It ain't glamorous work, but it pays the bills. Or rather, it earns my keep in my parents' house (thanks, yous guys!).

PS - I finished the hand-quilting on that baby blanket. Still on a quest for a good binding material. Lemme know if anyone has suggestions. I've looked at just binding with the excess backing (flannel) or doing a ribbon blanket binding.

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Natchel said...

Oh I'm inadvertently flattered!

Not trying to use your comment section as a plug but, I don't think you know about my little business endeavor. My best friend Susan and I have a little baby accessory store. Our blog is and our etsy shop is
I'm so glad you are a craft blog stalker too!